so much stuff to do

OMG can't wait to be down with this stuff so I can watch all my dramas/movies.

Up next:

Temptation of an Angel


Will it Snow For Christmas?

Coffee Prince


lots o' movies

Year end J-programs

Watched Countdown and Kohaku yesterday.

Thoughts on Countdown:

I think JE may have stolen the whole switching songs thing from SBS' Daejeon Gayo.

Would have been way awesome if NEWS and KAT-TUN switched songs.

Thoughts on Kohaku:

Ayaka and some little girl singing enka were the best.

I really need to go look up the lyrics to that song Ayaka was singing.

Must have been awesome if it made some old dude cry.

SMAP's tribute wasn't that cringe-worthy, surprisingly.

I loved how short and to the point it was. Bravo old dudes.


Mom is looking at me strange because I'm singing a Taylor Swift song.

Can't help it. That girl has catchy toons.